Publications in Science and Nature journals

    1. F. Nori
      Intermittently flowing rivers of quantized magnetic flux
      Science 271, 1373-1374 (1996). [PDF][Link][HTML]
      Animations are available here: [Local].

    2. S.B. Field, M. Klaus, M.G. Moore, F. Nori
      Chaotic dynamics of falling disks
      Nature 388, 252 (1997). [PDF][Link]

    3. S. Savel'ev, F. Nori
      Experimentally realizable devices for controlling the motion of magnetic flux quanta in anisotropic superconductors
      Nature Materials 1, pp. 179-184 (2002). [PDF][Link]
      Listed in the cover of the November issue, and also featured in a two-pages "News and Views", "Controlling the motion of quanta" [PDF][Link], Nature Materials 1, pp. 143-144 (2002).

    4. G. D'Anna, P. Mayor, A. Barrat, V. Loreto, F. Nori
      Observing Brownian motion in vibro-fluidized granular matter
      Nature 424, 909-912 (2003). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
      This article (featured all over via press, newswires, radio, and TV) is the Cover Story of the 21 August, 2003, issue of Nature. Also featured in that issue in the table of contents and via a companion "News and Views" [PDF][Link].

    5. J.E. Villegas, S. Savel'ev, F. Nori, E.M. Gonzalez, J.V. Anguita, R. Garcia, J.L. Vicent
      A superconducting reversible rectifier that controls the motion of magnetic flux quanta
      Science 302, 1188-1191 (2003). [PDF][Link]
      Also featured in an "Enhanced Perspectives" Science 302, 1159 (2003) [PDF][Link], the only one for that issue, and one of about three for all of Physics during 2003. Also featured in the "This week in Science" page of that issue of Science [PDF].

    6. P. Carninci et al.
      The transcriptional landscape of the mammalian genome
      Science 309, 1559-1563 (2005). [PDF][Link]

    7. F. Nori, A. Tonomura
      Helical spin order on the move
      Science 311, 344-345 (2006). [PDF][Link]

    8. D. Cole, S.J. Bending, S. Savel'ev, A. Grigorenko, T. Tamegai, F. Nori
      Ratchet without spatial asymmetry: Controlling the motion of magnetic flux quanta using time-asymmetric drives
      Nature Materials 5, 305-311 (2006). [PDF][Link]
      Also featured in a News and Views [PDF][Link].

    9. S. Savel'ev, A.L. Rakhmanov, V.A. Yampol'skii, F. Nori
      Analogues of nonlinear optics using terahertz Josephson plasma waves in layered superconductors
      Nature Physics 2, 521-525 (2006). [PDF][Link]
      Featured in Nature Physics News and Views [PDF][Link] (2006).

    10. F. Nori
      Reversible diodes for moving quanta
      Nature Physics 2, 227 (2006). [PDF][Link]

    11. A. Tonomura, F. Nori
      Disturbance without the force
      Nature 452, 298-299 (2008). [PDF][Link]

    12. F. Nori
      Atomic physics with a circuit
      Nature Physics 4, 589 (2008). [PDF][Link]

    13. F. Nori
      Geometrical optics: The dynamics of spinning light
      Nature Photonics 2, 716 (2008). [PDF][Link]
      See also [PDF].

    14. F. Nori
      Quantum football
      Science 325, 689-690 (2009). [PDF][Link]

    15. I. Buluta, F. Nori
      Quantum Simulators
      Science 326, pp. 108-111 (2009). [PDF][Link]

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      Atomic physics and quantum optics using superconducting circuits
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      Observation of the dynamical Casimir effect in a superconducting circuit
      Nature 479, 376-379 (2011). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
      The supplementary material is here [PDF][Link]
      Featured in a Nature "News & Views" [PDF][Link]
      Physics World top five Physics breakthroughs of the year 2011 [PDF][Link]
      According to Nature, coverage of our work on Nature News was "The most read news story of 2011". [PDF][Link]

    18. N. Lambert, Y.N. Chen, Y.C. Chen, C.M. Li, G.Y. Chen, F. Nori
      Quantum biology
      Nature Physics 9, 10-18 (2013). [PDF][Link][arXiv] (published online Dec. 12, 2012)

    19. B. Peng, S.K. Ozdemir, W. Chen, F. Nori, L. Yang
      What is and what is not electromagnetically induced transparency in whispering-gallery microcavities
      Nature Communications 5, 5082 (2014). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
      The supplementary material is here [PDF][Link].

    20. S. Okaba, T. Takano, F. Benabid, T. Bradley, L. Vincetti, Z. Maizelis, V. Yampol'skii, F. Nori, H. Katori
      Lamb-Dicke spectroscopy of atoms in a hollow-core photonic crystal fibre
      Nature Communications 5, 4096 (2014). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    21. P. Schattschneider, Th. Schachinger, M. Stoger-Pollach, S. Loffler, A. Steiger-Thirsfeld, K.Y. Bliokh, F. Nori
      Imaging the dynamics of free-electron Landau states
      Nature Communications 5, 4586 (2014). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    22. B. Peng, S.K. Ozdemir, S. Rotter, H. Yilmaz, M. Liertzer, F. Monifi, C. M. Bender, F. Nori, L. Yang
      Loss-induced suppression and revival of lasing
      Science 346, 328-332 (2014). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
      The supplementary material is here [PDF][Link].
      Also featured in a "Perspective" Science 346, 304-305 (2014) [PDF][Link].

    23. B. Peng, S.K. Ozdemir, F. Lei, F. Monifi, M. Gianfreda, G. L. Long, S. Fan, F. Nori, C. M. Bender, L. Yang
      Parity-time-symmetric whispering-gallery microcavities
      Nature Physics 10, 394-398 (2014). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
      The supplementary material is here [PDF][Link]
      Featured in a Nature Physics "News & Views" [PDF][Link]

    24. K.Y. Bliokh, A.Y. Bekshaev, F. Nori
      Extraordinary momentum and spin in evanescent waves
      Nature Communications 5, 3300 (2014). [PDF][Link][arXiv][Suppl. Info.]
    25. K.Y. Bliokh, D. Smirnova, F. Nori
      Quantum spin Hall effect of light
      Science 348, pp. 1448-1451 (2015). [PDF][Link][arXiv][Suppl. Info.]
      Also featured in a "Perspective" Science 348, pp. 1432-1433 (2015). [PDF][Link]
      Earlier version: K.Y. Bliokh, F. Nori, Quantum spin Hall effect and topological insulators for light (2015). [arXiv]

    26. T. Gao, E. Estrecho, K.Y. Bliokh, T.C.H. Liew, M.D. Fraser, S. Brodbeck, M. Kamp, C. Schneider, S. Höfling, Y. Yamamoto, F. Nori, Y.S. Kivshar, A. Truscott, R. Dall, E.A. Ostrovskaya
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      Nature 526, 15522 (2015). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
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      npj Quantum Information 1, 15014 (2015). [PDF][Link][arXiv][Suppl. Info.]
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      Direct measurements of the extraordinary optical momentum and transverse spin-dependent force using a nano-cantilever
      Nature Physics 12, 731–735 (2016). [PDF][Link][arXiv][Suppl. Info.]
      Featured in a "News and Views”: Optomechanical tomography, Nature Physics 12, 725 (2016). [PDF][Link]

    30. F. Monifi, J. Zhang, S.K. Ozdemir, B. Peng, Y.X. Liu, F. Bo, F. Nori, L. Yang
      Optomechanically induced stochastic resonance and chaos transfer between optical fields
      Nature Photonics 10, 399–405 (2016). [PDF][Link][Suppl. Info.]
      Nature Photonics Cover [PNG]
      Featured in a "News and Views”: Optomechanics: Vibrations copying optical chaos,
      Nature Photonics 10, 366–368 (2016). [PDF][Link]

    31. E.A. Ostrovskaya, F. Nori
      Giant Rydberg excitons: Probing quantum chaos
      Nature Materials 15, 702–703 (2016). [PDF][Link][Link]

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      No-cloning of quantum steering
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      Anomalous time delays and quantum weak measurements in optical micro-resonators
      Nature Communications 7, 13488 (2016). [PDF][Link][arXiv][Suppl. Info.][Reviewers' Comments]

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      Experimental quantum forgery of quantum optical money
      npj Quantum Information, 3, 7 (2017). [PDF][Link][arXiv][Suppl. Info.]

    35. D. Herr, F. Nori, S.J. Devitt
      Optimization of Lattice Surgery is NP-Hard
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      Nature 558, pp. 569–572 (2018). [PDF][Link_1][Link_2]

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      A phonon laser operating at an exceptional point
      Nature Photonics 12, pp. 479–484 (2018). [PDF][Link][Suppl. Info.]

    43. B.X. Wang, M.J. Tao, Q. Ai, T. Xin, N. Lambert, D. Ruan, Y.C. Cheng, F. Nori, F.G. Deng, G.L. Long
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      Ultrastrong coupling between light and matter
      Nature Reviews Physics 1, pp. 19–40 (2019). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
      This is the only review (plus three technical reviews) of the first issue of this journal.

    45. K.Y. Bliokh, D. Leykam, M. Lein, F. Nori
      Topological non-Hermitian origin of surface Maxwell waves
      Nature Communications 10, 580 (2019). [PDF][Link_1][Link_2][arXiv][Suppl. Info.]

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      Transverse spinning of unpolarized light
      Nature Photonics 15, pp. 156–161 (2020). [PDF][Link_1][Link_2][arXiv][Suppl. Info.]
      A “News and Views” article on our paper (listed above) has been published in Nature Photonics. "Longitudinal fields and transverse rotations" (2021) [PDF][Link]

    61. M.X. Dong, K.Y. Xia, W.H. Zhang, Y.C. Yu, Y.H. Ye, E.Z. Li, L. Zeng, D.S. Ding, B.S. Shi, G.C. Guo, F. Nori
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      Topological dissipation in a time-multiplexed photonic resonator network
      Nature Physics 18, pp. 442–449 (2022). [PDF][Link_1][Link_2][arXiv][Suppl. Info.]
      “News and Views” article featuring our work: H. Buljan, et al., Loss leads the way to utopia [Link]

    65. D.X. Chen, Y. Zhang, J.L. Zhao, Q.C. Wu, Y.L. Fang, C.P. Yang, F. Nori
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Publications in Communication Physics

    1. N. Yoshioka, W. Mizukami, F. Nori
      Solving quasiparticle band spectra of real solids using neural-network quantum states
      Communications Physics 4, 106 (2021). [PDF][Link_1][Link_2][arXiv]

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      Sudden change of the photon output field marks phase transitions in the quantum Rabi model
      Communications Physics 7, 5 (2024). [PDF][Link][arXiv][Suppl. Info.]

Publications in Scientific Reports

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      Scientific Reports 2, 869 (2012). [PDF][Link][arXiv][Errata]

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