Review Papers

    1. F. Nori, P. Sholtz, M. Bretz
      Booming sand
      Scientific American 277, No. 3 (84) (1997). [PDF][Link]
      Also available in Japanese (color version), Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Polish and Arabic.

    2. P. Sholtz, M. Bretz, F. Nori
      Sound-producing sand avalanches
      Contemporary Physics 38, No. 5, 329 (1997). [PDF][Link]

    3. P. Hanggi, F. Marchesoni, F. Nori
      Brownian motors
      Annalen der Physik 14, 51 (2005). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
      Review paper. Special Issue devoted to the 1905 Annalen der Physik Einstein papers.

    4. S. Savel'ev, F. Nori
      Controlling the motion of interacting particles: Homogeneous systems and binary mixtures
      Chaos 15, 026112 (2005). [PDF][Link]
      Review paper. Special issue on "100 Years of Brownian motion".

    5. J.Q. You, F. Nori
      Superconducting circuits and quantum information
      Physics Today 58 (11), 42-47 (2005). [PDF][Link]
      Translated to Japanese in the journal Parity. [PDF]

    6. N. Mitarai, F. Nori
      Wet granular materials
      Advances in Physics 55, 1-45 (2006). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    7. K.Y. Bliokh, Y.P. Bliokh, V. Freilikher, S. Savel'ev, F. Nori
      Unusual resonators: Plasmonics, metamaterials, and random media
      Rev. Mod. Phys. 80, 1201 (2008). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    8. I. Buluta, F. Nori
      Quantum Simulators
      Science 326, 108-111 (2009). [PDF][Link]

    9. K. Maruyama, F. Nori, V. Vedral
      The Physics of Maxwell’s demon and information
      Rev. Mod. Phys. 81, 1 (2009). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    10. S.N. Shevchenko, S. Ashhab, F. Nori
      Landau–Zener–Stückelberg interferometry
      Physics Reports 492, pp. 1-30 (2010). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
      (about 50-50 split between review and original results)
    11. S. Savel'ev, V.A. Yampol'skii, A.L. Rakhmanov, F. Nori
      Terahertz Josephson plasma waves in layered superconductors: spectrum, generation, nonlinear and quantum phenomena
      Reports on Progress in Physics 73, 026501 (2010). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    12. A.V. Rozhkov, G. Giavaras, Y.P. Bliokh, V. Freilikher, F. Nori
      Electronic properties of mesoscopic graphene structures: Charge confinement and control of spin and charge transport
      Physics Reports 503, pp. 77-114 (2011). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    13. J.Q. You, F. Nori
      Atomic physics and quantum optics using superconducting circuits
      Nature 474, 589 (2011). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    14. I. Buluta, S. Ashhab, F. Nori
      Natural and artificial atoms for quantum computation
      Reports on Progress in Physics 74, 104401 (2011). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    15. J. Ma, X. Wang, C. P. Sun, F. Nori
      Quantum spin squeezing
      Physics Reports 509, pp. 89-165 (2011). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    16. Y. Bliokh, K.Y. Bliokh, V. Freilikher, F. Nori
      Anderson localization of light in layered dielectric structures
      Optical Properties of Photonic Structures: Interplay of Order and Disorder, 55-86 (2012). [PDF]
      Taylor and Francis, edited by M.F. Limonov and R.M. DeLaRue

    17. A.G. Kofman, S. Ashhab, F. Nori
      Nonperturbative theory of weak pre- and post-selected measurements
      Physics Reports 520, pp. 43-133 (2012). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
      (about 20 pages review plus 70 pages of original work)

    18. P.D. Nation, J.R. Johansson, M.P. Blencowe, F. Nori
      Stimulating uncertainty: Amplifying the quantum vacuum with superconducting circuits
      Rev. Mod. Phys. 84, 1-24 (2012). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    19. I. Georgescu, F. Nori
      Quantum technologies: an old new story
      Physics World 25, 16-17 (2012). [PDF]

    20. N. Lambert, Y.N. Chen, Y.C. Chen, C.M. Li, G.Y. Chen, F. Nori
      Functional quantum biology in photosynthesis and magnetoreception
      (2013). [arXiv]

    21. N. Lambert, Y.N. Chen, Y.C. Chen, C.M. Li, G.Y. Chen, F. Nori
      Quantum biology
      Nature Physics 9, 10-18 (2013). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    22. Z.L. Xiang, S. Ashhab, J.Q. You, F. Nori
      Hybrid quantum circuits: Superconducting circuits interacting with other quantum systems
      Rev. Mod. Phys. 85, 623 (2013). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    23. C. Emary, N. Lambert, F. Nori
      Leggett-Garg Inequalities
      Reports on Progress in Physics 77, 016001 (2014). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    24. I. Georgescu, S. Ashhab, F. Nori
      Quantum Simulation
      Rev. Mod. Phys. 86, 153 (2014). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    25. J. Dressel, K.Y. Bliokh, F. Nori
      Spacetime algebra as a powerful tool for electromagnetism
      Physics Reports 589, pp. 1-71 (2015). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    26. K.Y. Bliokh, F. Nori
      Transverse and longitudinal angular momenta of light
      Physics Reports 592, pp. 1-38 (2015). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    27. K.Y. Bliokh, F.J. Rodríguez-Fortuño, F. Nori, A.V. Zayats
      Spin–orbit interactions of light
      Nature Photonics 9, 796–808 (2015). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    28. A.V. Rozhkov, A.O. Sboychakov, A.L. Rakhmanov, F. Nori
      Electronic properties of graphene-based bilayer systems
      Physics Reports 648, pp. 1-104 (2016). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    29. J. Zhang, Y.X. Liu, R.B. Wu, K. Jacobs, F. Nori
      Quantum feedback: theory, experiments, and applications
      Physics Reports 679, pp. 1-60 (2017). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    30. K.Y. Bliokh, I.P. Ivanov, G. Guzzinati, L. Clark, R.V. Boxem, A. Béché, R. Juchtmans, M.A. Alonso, P. Schattschneider, F. Nori, J. Verbeeck
      Theory and applications of free-electron vortex states
      Physics Reports 690, pp. 1-70 (2017). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    31. X. Gu, A.F. Kockum, A. Miranowicz, Y.X. Liu, F. Nori
      Microwave photonics with superconducting quantum circuits
      Physics Reports 718-719, pp. 1-102 (2017). [PDF][Link][arXiv]