Review Papers

    1. F. Nori, P. Sholtz, M. Bretz
      Booming sand
      Scientific American 277, No. 3 (84) (1997). [PDF][Link]
      Also available in Japanese (color version), Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Polish and Arabic.

    2. P. Sholtz, M. Bretz, F. Nori
      Sound-producing sand avalanches
      Contemporary Physics 38, No. 5, 329 (1997). [PDF][Link]

    3. P. Hanggi, F. Marchesoni, F. Nori
      Brownian motors
      Annalen der Physik 14, 51 (2005). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
      Review paper. Special Issue devoted to the 1905 Annalen der Physik Einstein papers.

    4. S. Savel'ev, F. Nori
      Controlling the motion of interacting particles: Homogeneous systems and binary mixtures
      Chaos 15, 026112 (2005). [PDF][Link]
      Review paper. Special issue on "100 Years of Brownian motion".

    5. J.Q. You, F. Nori
      Superconducting circuits and quantum information
      Physics Today 58 (11), 42-47 (2005). [PDF][Link]
      Translated to Japanese in the journal Parity. [PDF]

    6. N. Mitarai, F. Nori
      Wet granular materials
      Advances in Physics 55, 1-45 (2006). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    7. K.Y. Bliokh, Y.P. Bliokh, V. Freilikher, S. Savel'ev, F. Nori
      Unusual resonators: Plasmonics, metamaterials, and random media
      Rev. Mod. Phys. 80, 1201 (2008). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    8. I. Buluta, F. Nori
      Quantum Simulators
      Science 326, pp. 108-111 (2009). [PDF][Link]

    9. K. Maruyama, F. Nori, V. Vedral
      The Physics of Maxwell’s demon and information
      Rev. Mod. Phys. 81, 1 (2009). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    10. S.N. Shevchenko, S. Ashhab, F. Nori
      Landau–Zener–Stückelberg interferometry
      Physics Reports 492, pp. 1-30 (2010). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
      (about 50-50 split between review and original results)
    11. S. Savel'ev, V.A. Yampol'skii, A.L. Rakhmanov, F. Nori
      Terahertz Josephson plasma waves in layered superconductors: spectrum, generation, nonlinear and quantum phenomena
      Reports on Progress in Physics 73, 026501 (2010). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    12. A.V. Rozhkov, G. Giavaras, Y.P. Bliokh, V. Freilikher, F. Nori
      Electronic properties of mesoscopic graphene structures: Charge confinement and control of spin and charge transport
      Physics Reports 503, pp. 77-114 (2011). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    13. J.Q. You, F. Nori
      Atomic physics and quantum optics using superconducting circuits
      Nature 474, 589 (2011). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    14. I. Buluta, S. Ashhab, F. Nori
      Natural and artificial atoms for quantum computation
      Reports on Progress in Physics 74, 104401 (2011). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    15. J. Ma, X. Wang, C. P. Sun, F. Nori
      Quantum spin squeezing
      Physics Reports 509, pp. 89-165 (2011). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    16. Y. Bliokh, K.Y. Bliokh, V. Freilikher, F. Nori
      Anderson localization of light in layered dielectric structures
      Optical Properties of Photonic Structures: Interplay of Order and Disorder, 55-86 (2012). [PDF]
      Taylor and Francis, edited by M.F. Limonov and R.M. DeLaRue

    17. A.G. Kofman, S. Ashhab, F. Nori
      Nonperturbative theory of weak pre- and post-selected measurements
      Physics Reports 520, pp. 43-133 (2012). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
      (about 20 pages review plus 70 pages of original work)

    18. P.D. Nation, J.R. Johansson, M.P. Blencowe, F. Nori
      Stimulating uncertainty: Amplifying the quantum vacuum with superconducting circuits
      Rev. Mod. Phys. 84, 1-24 (2012). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    19. I. Georgescu, F. Nori
      Quantum technologies: an old new story
      Physics World 25, 16-17 (2012). [PDF]

    20. N. Lambert, Y.N. Chen, Y.C. Chen, C.M. Li, G.Y. Chen, F. Nori
      Functional quantum biology in photosynthesis and magnetoreception
      (2013). [arXiv]

    21. N. Lambert, Y.N. Chen, Y.C. Chen, C.M. Li, G.Y. Chen, F. Nori
      Quantum biology
      Nature Physics 9, 10-18 (2013). [PDF][Link][arXiv] (published online Dec. 12, 2012)

    22. Z.L. Xiang, S. Ashhab, J.Q. You, F. Nori
      Hybrid quantum circuits: Superconducting circuits interacting with other quantum systems
      Rev. Mod. Phys. 85, 623 (2013). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    23. F. Gaitan, F. Nori
      Density functional theory and quantum computation
      Advances in Chemical Physics, Quantum Information and Computation for Chemistry, 154, pp. 137-149 (2014). [PDF][Link][preprint]

    24. C. Emary, N. Lambert, F. Nori
      Leggett-Garg Inequalities
      Reports on Progress in Physics 77, 016001 (2014). [PDF][Link][arXiv][Errata]

    25. I. Georgescu, S. Ashhab, F. Nori
      Quantum Simulation
      Rev. Mod. Phys. 86, 153 (2014). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    26. J. Dressel, K.Y. Bliokh, F. Nori
      Spacetime algebra as a powerful tool for electromagnetism
      Physics Reports 589, pp. 1-71 (2015). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    27. K.Y. Bliokh, F. Nori
      Transverse and longitudinal angular momenta of light
      Physics Reports 592, pp. 1-38 (2015). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    28. K.Y. Bliokh, F.J. Rodriguez-Fortuno, F. Nori, A.V. Zayats
      Spin–orbit interactions of light
      Nature Photonics 9, pp. 796–808 (2015). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    29. A.V. Rozhkov, A.O. Sboychakov, A.L. Rakhmanov, F. Nori
      Electronic properties of graphene-based bilayer systems
      Physics Reports 648, pp. 1-104 (2016). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    30. J. Zhang, Y.X. Liu, R.B. Wu, K. Jacobs, F. Nori
      Quantum feedback: theory, experiments, and applications
      Physics Reports 679, pp. 1-60 (2017). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    31. K.Y. Bliokh, I.P. Ivanov, G. Guzzinati, L. Clark, R.V. Boxem, A. Béché, R. Juchtmans, M.A. Alonso, P. Schattschneider, F. Nori, J. Verbeeck
      Theory and applications of free-electron vortex states
      Physics Reports 690, pp. 1-70 (2017). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    32. X. Gu, A.F. Kockum, A. Miranowicz, Y.X. Liu, F. Nori
      Microwave photonics with superconducting quantum circuits
      Physics Reports 718-719, pp. 1-102 (2017). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    33. A.F. Kockum, A. Miranowicz, S. De Liberato, S. Savasta, F. Nori
      Ultrastrong coupling between light and matter
      Nature Reviews Physics 1, pp. 19–40 (2019). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
      This is the only review (plus three technical reviews) of the first issue of this journal.

    34. S.K. Ozdemir, S. Rotter, F. Nori, L. Yang
      Parity–time symmetry and exceptional points in photonics
      Nature Materials 18, pp. 783–798 (2019). [PDF][Link_1][Link_2]

    35. A.F. Kockum, F. Nori
      Quantum Bits with Josephson Junctions
      Book Chapter in “Fundamentals and Frontiers of the Josephson Effect”, F. Tafuri (ed.)
      Springer Series in Materials Science 286, Chapter 17, pp. 703-741 (2019). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    36. O.V. Ivakhnenko, S.N. Shevchenko, F. Nori
      Nonadiabatic Landau–Zener–Stückelberg–Majorana transitions, dynamics, and interference
      Physics Reports 995, pp. 1-89 (2023). [PDF][Link][arXiv] (published online Nov. 10, 2022)

    37. B. Cheng, X.H. Deng, X. Gu, Y. He, G. Hu, P. Huang, J. Li, B.C. Lin, D. Lu, Y. Lu, C. Qiu, H. Wang, T. Xin, S. Yu, M.H. Yung, J. Zeng, S. Zhang, Y. Zhong, X. Peng, F. Nori, D. Yu
      Noisy intermediate-scale quantum computers
      Frontiers of Physics 18, 21308 (2023). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    38. N. Lambert, F. Nori
      Quantum biology: An overview
      Encyclopedia of Condensed Matter Physics, 2e, (2023). [PDF][Link]

    39. K.Y. Bliokh, E. Karimi, M.J. Padgett, M.A. Alonso, M.R. Dennis, A. Dudley, A. Forbes, S. Zahedpour, S.W. Hancock, H.M. Milchberg, S. Rotter, F. Nori, S.K. Ozdemir, N. Bender, H. Cao, P.B. Corkum, C. Hernandez-Garcia, H. Ren, Y. Kivshar, M.G. Silveirinha, N. Engheta, A. Rauschenbeutel, P. Schneeweiss, J. Volz, D. Leykam, D.A. Smirnova, K. Rong, B. Wang, E. Hasman, M.F. Picardi, A.V. Zayats, F.J. Rodriguez-Fortuno, C. Yang, J. Ren, A.B. Khanikaev, A. Alu, E. Brasselet, M. Shats, J. Verbeeck, P. Schattschneider, D. Sarenac, D.G. Cory, D.A. Pushin, M. Birk, A. Gorlach, I. Kaminer, F. Cardano, L. Marrucci, M. Krenn, F. Marquardt
      Roadmap on structured waves
      Journal of Optics 25, 103001 (2023). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    40. W. Qin, A.F. Kockum, C.S. Munoz, A. Miranowicz, F. Nori
      Quantum amplification and simulation of strong and ultrastrong coupling of light and matter
      Physics Reports 1078, pp. 1-59 (2024). [PDF][Link][arXiv] (published online May 23, 2024)