Reviews related to Quantum Information

Two popular reviews on quantum simulations:

  1. I. Buluta, F. Nori
    Quantum Simulators
    Science 326, pp. 108-111 (2009). [PDF][Link]

  2. I. Georgescu, S. Ashhab, F. Nori
    Quantum Simulation
    Rev. Mod. Phys. 86, 153 (2014). [PDF][Link][arXiv]


Other pedagogical broad overviews related to quantum information:

  1. I. Georgescu, F. Nori
    Quantum technologies: an old new story
    Physics World 25, 16-17 (2012). [PDF]

  2. I. Buluta, S. Ashhab, F. Nori
    Natural and artificial atoms for quantum computation
    Reports on Progress in Physics 74, 104401 (2011). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

  3. J.Q. You, F. Nori
    Superconducting circuits and quantum information
    Physics Today 58 (11), 42-47 (2005). [PDF][Link]
    Translated to Japanese in the journal Parity. [PDF]

  4. J.Q. You, F. Nori
    Atomic physics and quantum optics using superconducting circuits
    Nature 474, 589 (2011). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

  5. A.F. Kockum, F. Nori
    Quantum Bits with Josephson Junctions
    Book Chapter in “Fundamentals and Frontiers of the Josephson Effect”, F. Tafuri (ed.)
    Springer Series in Materials Science 286, Chapter 17, pp. 703-741 (2019). [PDF][Link][arXiv]


A bit more technical reviews:

  1. S.N. Shevchenko, S. Ashhab, F. Nori
    Landau–Zener–Stückelberg interferometry
    Physics Reports 492, pp. 1-30 (2010). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
    (about 50-50 split between review and original results)
  2. P.D. Nation, J.R. Johansson, M.P. Blencowe, F. Nori
    Stimulating uncertainty: Amplifying the quantum vacuum with superconducting circuits
    Rev. Mod. Phys. 84, 1-24 (2012). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

  3. Z.L. Xiang, S. Ashhab, J.Q. You, F. Nori
    Hybrid quantum circuits: Superconducting circuits interacting with other quantum systems
    Rev. Mod. Phys. 85, 623 (2013). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

  4. J. Zhang, Y.X. Liu, R.B. Wu, K. Jacobs, F. Nori
    Quantum feedback: theory, experiments, and applications
    Physics Reports 679, pp. 1-60 (2017). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

  5. A.F. Kockum, A. Miranowicz, S. De Liberato, S. Savasta, F. Nori
    Ultrastrong coupling between light and matter
    Nature Reviews Physics 1, pp. 19–40 (2019). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
    This is the only review (plus three technical reviews) of the first issue of this journal.


Comprehensive review (102 pages) on superconducting qubit circuits, with almost 1,400 cited works:

  1. X. Gu, A.F. Kockum, A. Miranowicz, Y.X. Liu, F. Nori
    Microwave photonics with superconducting quantum circuits
    Physics Reports 718-719, pp. 1-102 (2017). [PDF][Link][arXiv]


Other topics related to quantum information processing, quantum measurements, etc.:

  1. J. Ma, X. Wang, C. P. Sun, F. Nori
    Quantum spin squeezing
    Physics Reports 509, pp. 89-165 (2011). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

  2. A.G. Kofman, S. Ashhab, F. Nori
    Nonperturbative theory of weak pre- and post-selected measurements
    Physics Reports 520, pp. 43-133 (2012). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
    (about 20 pages review plus 70 pages of original work)

  3. C. Emary, N. Lambert, F. Nori
    Leggett-Garg Inequalities
    Reports on Progress in Physics 77, 016001 (2014). [PDF][Link][arXiv][Errata]

Reviews on other topics are available here: Review Papers


Hundreds of more technical publications on other aspects of quantum information processing and superconducting qubit circuits are available here: Quantum Information