Casimir effect

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      Featured in Physics, Editors' Suggestion

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      The supplementary material is here [PDF][Link]
      Featured in a Nature "News & Views" [PDF][Link]
      Physics World top five Physics breakthroughs of the year 2011 [PDF][Link]
      According to Nature, coverage of our work on Nature News was "The most read news story of 2011". [PDF][Link]

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MP4 presentations on “Dynamical Casimir effect in superconducting circuits”:

  • Longer and more pedagogical version (~33 minutes) [MP4]
  • Faster-paced version (~23 minutes) [MP4]
  • Short and very rushed version (~12 minutes) [MP4]

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2020: The first two talks in this VIDEO LINK are by F. Nori and S. Savasta, on the Dynamical Casimir Effect. These two talks were given on December 10th, 2020, at the Princeton Workshop on: Unruh Acceleration Radiation, Vacuum Entanglement and Relativity.
The first talk is about 30 minutes. The second talk is about 25 minutes.