Selected Papers

    1. S. Savel'ev, F. Nori
      Experimentally realizable devices for controlling the motion of magnetic flux quanta in anisotropic superconductors
      Nature Materials 1, pp. 179-184 (2002). [PDF][Link]
      Listed in the cover of the November issue, and also featured in a two-pages "News and Views", "Controlling the motion of quanta" [PDF][Link], Nature Materials 1, pp. 143-144 (2002).

    2. J.Q. You, J.S. Tsai, F. Nori
      Scalable quantum computing with Josephson junction qubits
      Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 197902 (2002). [PDF][Link][arXiv]

    3. J.Q. You, F. Nori
      Quantum information processing with superconducting qubits in a microwave field
      Phys. Rev. B 68, 064509 (2003). [PDF][Link][arXiv]
      PDF as of 2002-07-02.

    4. J.E. Villegas, S. Savel'ev, F. Nori, E.M. Gonzalez, J.V. Anguita, R. Garcia, J.L. Vicent
      A superconducting reversible rectifier that controls the motion of magnetic flux quanta
      Science 302, 1188-1191 (2003). [PDF][Link]
      Also featured in an "Enhanced Perspectives" Science 302, 1159 (2003) [PDF][Link], the only one for that issue, and one of about three for all of Physics during 2003. Also featured in the "This week in Science" page of that issue of Science [PDF].

    5. J.Q. You, F. Nori
      Superconducting circuits and quantum information
      Physics Today 58 (11), 42-47 (2005). [PDF][Link]
      Translated to Japanese in the journal Parity. [PDF]